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Welcome to OpTeamist:
Building Resilience and Unity


Support us to foster resilience and hope across Israel with our innovative game, by purchasing our 'OpTeamist' Game-Package that will be distributed among Israelis affected by the war.

WHAT: These days Israelis need unity, strength, and trust. Facing current challenges, we created a designated game that connects people, uplifts their spirit, and provides positive psychology and mindful based tools to strengthen resilience.

WHY: 140,000 families evacuated, 250,000 soldiers fighting, 7 million Israelis affected by war— uncertain future causing stress, confusion, and desperation. All in need for a some ventilation and positive experiences.

WHO WE ARE: We are Quala Group, Israeli Air-Force veterans, experts in gamification and team building.

HOW: Invest in our OpTeamist packages. Your support funds the game's production, supporting various local businesses, while bringing hope and unity to Israelis in need.


Join us in making a positive impact!

With a touch of Israeli Chutzpa, some of us in Quala are on recruit in various roles. We believe in economic resilience; small businesses are local lifelines. Your order fuels us and our mission to help others.

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What Is OpTeamist?

OpTeamist is more than just a puzzle game; it's a symbol of unity.

Assembling the puzzle of the State of Israel, connecting significant milestones in the

Israeli story, and solving engaging puzzles are at the heart of OpTeamist. This unique

group activity is designed to:

Strengthen the
sense of cohesion



Offer a safe
breathing space

Provide an escape from
the intense reality

OpTeamist is a collaborative endeavor by wear and teamwork experts. A
chance to experience moments of edutainment amidst challenging times while learning more about Israel's rich history and the unity essential for the people of Israel.

Invest in Israeli Community:

Purchasing Game-Packages that we'll distribute to Israeli Communities affected by the war.

Opteamist is more than a puzzle; it's a symbol of hope, resilience, and unity.

Purchase OpTeamist game packages today and bring Israeli families and communities closer


Join the OpTeamist Community

OpTeamist is more than a game; it's a movement.

Join our community of Jewish people and communities worldwide who are supporting and embracing resilience and unity in the face of adversity. Let's come together and celebrate our shared history, culture and belonging. 

What's Included in the OpTeamist Kit?

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Interactive Puzzle Game

A 70-piece puzzle in the shape of the State of Israel that promotes physical engagement and critical thinking.

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Integrated QR Code

Scan to access a digital website that
offers additional puzzles and tasks in
the Jewish and Israeli spirit.

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Mini-Game for Younger Players:

Engage the whole family in the journey
of unity and resilience.

Key Features

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Group Activity:


Suitable for 1-7
participants, OpTeamist is
designed for family and
community bonding.

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Dedicated Website:


An online platform that
combines puzzles, tasks,
and an Israelite

Asset 5.png

Shared Learning:


Complete tasks that
promote shared learning
and celebrate the rich
history of Israel.

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Sense of Success:


Share your victories
online and create lasting



Get Started with OpTeamist

Purchase OpTeamist game packages today and bring Israeli families and communities closer together.

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Thank You!

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